Joker has been a pioneer in Abstract, it goes much deeper than graffiti. His design, his canvases, his drawings are all cutting edge precise thought out masterpieces. Where he leaves space he creates form and a perfect aesthetic. He has built his career being ahead of the curve, taking chances and thinking forward, as he retires a style just as the next artist starts to catch up. As a crew mate and friend I myself am always trying to keep pace with the Bar he sets. Joker Having Molded Transcend into a Diversified Art Collective, inspired me to Start this Site as a Way to give back. I was planning on Interviewing Joker for the Blog but i came across this series of in depth interviews with him from Krime Time, and thought that maybe i would post these here instead. I guess i will have to figure out a different angle to get some information out of one of my biggest inspirations as an Artist. Your Not off the Hook Joker i just have to find a different angle to get you on the blog. Here is also some of his work, and a link to his Flickr. This is a Long Interview but well worth the listen.

This is 6 Piece set of an Interview VIA “WIRETAPPING interview with JOKER, TRANSCEND. Brought to you by GRAFF RADIO, a KRIME TIME PRODUCTION”

Interview Joker 1 of 6

Here are the rest of the series

Joker 2 of 6
Joker 3 of 6
Joker 4 of 6
Joker 5 of 6
Joker 6 of 6